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Noted below are tools and links that may assist you as a realtor:

* Down Payment Assistance Program - I have available a great down payment
assistance program for those borrowers who have limited reserves in the bank.  The
program provides the borrower with $10,000 at closing that may be used for the down
payment and/or any closing costs that need to be covered.  This money is interest
free (0%) but must be paid off in 5 or 10 years.  The borrower can choose to pay
$83.33 a month for 10 years or $166.67 a month for 5 years.  This program can be
used anywhere in the state of Texas.  The borrower must have a 640 credit score
and make less than 80% of the HUD median.  Contact me if you have someone that
may qualify.

* Announcement - The mortgage division of City Real Estate and Mortgage Services
has changed it's name to "Southwest Funding #841." We have moved from Mortgage
Broker to Mortgage Banker. The move was made in order for our loan officers to
be able to offer FHA loans. We are positive this adjustment will allow us to
continue to be competitive in today's market. Same people, same service.

Please note: I will begin to phase out the david@cityrealestateandmortgage.com
e-mail address over the next few weeks. Please make note of my
new e-mail address. It will be david@themortgagageloanexpert.com.

* Mortgage Calculators - See the various calculators to the left for calculating
monthly payments or comparing the various types of loans with others.

* Credir Repair - For prospective borrowers who have serious credit problems, I
suggest consideration be given to entering a credit repair program. Jaylon Plunket
with Best Credit RX is a proven asset for helping remove derogatory tradelines and
improving credit scores. His website is noted below:

Best Credit RX: http://www.bestcreditrx.com/

When a prospective client does not qualify for a mortgage loan due to credit. It
is suggested that he enter into a trusted credit repair program. In some cases,
the borrower may be eligible for a loan within a few months.

I'll keep building this section. Let me know if you have any suggestions or items that you would like for me to add.

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